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GURDWARA SRI SHADIMARG SAHIB is situated near village Pulwama Distt Srinagar, J&K. SRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI came here on his Kashmir tour. GURU SAHIB sat under Chinaar Tree. Sangat started coming to seek GURU SAHIB's blessings and Darshan. Sangat brought a bowl of Honey along with them to offer GURU SAHIB. Near by was sitting a saint Bhai Katu Shah, he asked for some Honey but sangat refused as it was for GURU SAHIB. When Sangat offered the honey to GURU SAHIB it was full of ants. GURU SAHIB asked sangat that had any body asked for honey on there way. Sangat bowed in front of GURU SAHIB and told him the whole story. GURU SAHIB told them to go back and offer honey to Bhai Katu Shah then he(GURU SAHIB) will accept.

While GURU SAHIB was here, Badshah Jahangir also came here. He met GURU SAHIB and both had good understanding with each other. Both of them went for hunting. While Hunting Badshah was feeling thirsty. GURU SAHIB hit one place (near by GURUDWARA SAHIB) with his barcha and water started comig out and Badshah quenched his thirst there.

Pictures Taken on 19-June, 2010.
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    Village Pulwama
    District :- Srinagar
    State :- Jammu & Kashmir.
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