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From last two decades it has been noticed that sacred tress in the Golden Temple Complex, Amritsar have dried up and their situation was deteriorating day by day. The team of PAU led by Dr. J S Bal, a Horticulturist and ber expert Dr. D R Sharma, an entomologist and Dr Paramajeet Singh, a pathologist, were put on job by agriculture University Authorities to work on the dying sacred "Ber" Trees. The thing which was shocking was revealed by the PAU team. The trees were dying because of the unintentional touch of the greasy hands of the devotees. Generally devotees after having the Karah Parshad in the complex used to touch these trees with their greasy hands which clogged the passage the sap of the trees and as a result trees started dying up because of the lack of nutrition. The situation became even more worse when these dried trees were attacked by the lac insects.

Here if we see no one is culprit for the situation as devotees never intentionally targeted these trees. Rather they touched these tress to take their blessings from sacred trees. No wonder trees have an unmatched life span of over 400 years whereas a normal life span of a Ber tree is approximately 100 yrs. Thanks to the timely efforts of PAU and Golden Complex Authorities that trees are back to life and will borne fruits by March' 11.

So it’s a humble request from that kindly avoid unnecessary touching of these sacred trees and sacred property preserved not only in the Golden Temple Complex but also in any other sacred place around the world as this can help us to retain these wonderful sacred ideals for centuries ahead. Also would request Sadh Sangat Ji to guide and tell as many as people arround us who Unknowingly are destroying our Sacred History.

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