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We are running historicalgurudwaras.com on our own and we are not asking for or expecting any donations on our name. But we are supporting some causes in our society as Cancer Treatment, Oldage Homes, Orphanage etc. If you would like to donate we will request you to kindly go through the following and just do the needfull. You can either donate directly to these Societies or Send us the Cheque/Draft on the name of Particular Society. We will make sure that Cheque/draft reaches the right hands.

Bhai Ghanaya Cancer roko sewa society, Faridkot :- This society help people suffering from cancer in their treatments. You can directly speak to the patient. Check his case/disease history, Speak to the concerned Doctor. Monitor the progress etc. Every such details are made available to the donor about the patient.

Gur Aasra Trust, Mohali :- This trust render financial help to the needy children, orphans, widows and old persons who may be in dire need of such help. it provide proper educational facilities to children be it in school, college or university, so that they can live independent lives as responsible and constructive citizens. It help needy persons affected with natural calamity such as floods, famine, war and riots. It provides medical aid to the ill to save valueable human lives and to make the people aware about incurable diseases such as AIDS. Also organises Gurbani Kirtan Samagams for the spiritual uplift of the masses and other religious, social & charitable activities. You can read more about this trust on www.guraasra.org

Prabh Aasra, Kurali :- This Society establish and run homes for Orphans, unclaimed, helpless mentally/physically disabled, persons in distress, Ailing, widows, aged, missing destitute irrespective of their caste, colour, creed, religion and sex. It provide care, treatment and run rehabilitation and entertainment programmes for inhabitants. It spread awareness about social evils and health hazards with the help of audio visual aids. Works for saving environment by transplanting tree saplings, controlling pollution and saving natural resources. Assists nation during natural calamities and national crisis. Cooperates and assist other Charitable Trusts/ Societies/ Institutes having similar Objectives. You can read more about this trust on www.caredisabled.org

Eco Sikh :- EcoSikh is a response from the Sikh community to the threats of climate change and the deterioration of the natural environment. This organisation arose as part of the Long Term Plans for Generational Change programme initiated in 2009 by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) to help the world’s major religious traditions create long-term plans to improve their relationship with the environment. You can read more about this at www.ecosikh.org