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GURDWARA SRI MATA GANGA JI SAHIB is situated in Baba Bakala Distt Amritsar. It is situated on Batala road. When SRI GURU AARJAN DEV JI was going to Lahore then his wife Mata Ganga Ji asked, When will we get chance to see you again. Then GURU SAHIB replied that you wont be able to see him again in this body, We will meet spiritually. When Mata Ganga Ji's end time arrived she instructed that her body shouldnt be cremated but it should submitted to water. After some time Mata Ganga Ji passed away. According to her instructions her son SRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI and sangat took Mata Ji's Body on bier (Biban, A wooden structure for carrying dead body) to River Beas near by in highly decorated way, On the way Sangat kept ryming Shabads. River Beas is approx two km from Baba Bakala. There they placed mata ji Body at a platform, That place now is known as Gurdwara Sri Bibangarh Sahib. GURU SAHIB instructed to four people carrying Bier (Biban Mata Ji's body) to take it into deep water. When they took body to water and water level was at their above their waste they saw that there was no body over there. GURU SAHIB asked them to come back and cremated that Biban here at Baba Bakala. GURU SAHIB told that few people from this world will leave to sachkhand with Body.

Pictures Taken on 29 May, 2009.
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    Batala Road, Baba Bakala, Amritsar
    District :- Amritsar
    State :- Punjab.
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