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GURDWARA SRI NANASAR SAHIB is situated in village Sathiala, Teh Baba Bakala, Distt Amritsar SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI stayed in majha area for many months preaching people of this area. GURU SAHIB came here while going from Sultanpur Lodhi to Gurdaspur. In those day this village was known as Muglani and this village was ruled by Mughals. Mughals had strong fort in this village. IN Hazipur Area of this village, Hazi Fakir used to stay. He was Raja Janaks cook in his previous life and because of a curse he was born as muslim. He used to tell people that he has many magical powers. He never allowed any fakir to enter or stay in this village. He used to tell people that he has direct connection with GOD and to break his mith SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI came to this village and sat near pond. Along with GURU SAHIB was Bhai Bala and Bhai Mardana Ji, They started singing shabad. A muslim lady when heard this kirtan came to GURU SAHIB with her child who was sick. When after sometime GURU SAHIB opened his eyes, He understood the ladies prayer and asked to have this child take bath in this pond. Bathing in this pond is equal to bathing in 68 Holy places. Bhai Mardana ji made the child to bath in pond. After bath child was feeling healthy. Watching this lady fell on GURU SAHIB and Bhai Mardana Ji's feet. Lady told everyone in village that a true fakir is sitting near village Pond, Everyone else is liar. GURU SAHIB told everyone that who so ever will take bath in this pond, his/her wishes will come true.

Pictures Taken on 18-Mar, 2018.
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    Village :- Sathiala
    Teh :- Baba Bakala
    District :- Amritsar
    State :- Punjab.
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