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GURUDWARA SHRI GARNA SAHIB is situated in Village Bodal, Distt HoshiarPur. It can be reached via Gardhiwala from Hoshiarpur. SHRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI came here from Kartarpur spreading the message of Sikhism. Here was dense forest of Garna Trees. When GURU SAHIB was crossing this jungle a bush of dried Garna cought in GURU SAHIB's dress. GURU SAHIB asked his singhs to burry it in land and blessed it that you have stoped us now in future you will stop problems of peoplein real life. Then GURU SAHIB further left towards Mukerian. When GURU SAHIB again came here on his next trip there was fully grown Garna tree. GURU SAHIB sat under that tree. A person sang Shabad in front of GURU SAHIB. He bleesed him and gave him a Rabab and left for his further journey.
Bodal village was Muslim village. The owner of Land ordered to cut the Jungle. He also got cut this Garna tree. But when next day he saw that tree was of standing of same height as it was not cut. He again got it cut. When on third he saw again it was standing like same old one. When on third day he asked to cut it there was AkashBani that this tree will remain for centuries and you will not be able to finish it. That muslim left this village and moved some where else.

Pictures Taken on 11-Nov-2009.
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  • Address :-
    Village Bodal
    District :- Hoshiarpur
    State :- Punjab.
    Phone Number :-0091-1883-251062