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GURUDWARA SHRI BHIAANAK RAAT DI CHEES SAHIB is situated in the village Saheri on Morinda Ropar road in Distt Ropar. In 1705 When MATA GUJARI JI, SAHIBZAADA ZORAWAR SINGH JI AND SAHIBZAADA FATEH SINGH JI got parted from SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI at Sarsa river. Along with Gangu cook they stayed here at gangus residence for night in saheri village. In Night gangu had stolen the pouch full of gold coin. In Morning Gangu started shouting about theft but mata ji asked him to keep quite we are not asking for the coins you can keep them resulting Gangu got angry that he has given them shelter and he is being proven as thief. Later Gangu made them to leave the house and reported to Morinda Kotwal about MATA JI, AND SAHIBZAADA SAHIBS. They were arrested by the Morinda police at GURUDWARA SHRI RATH SAHIB situated on the main road in the Saheri Village.

Pictures Taken on 3-Dec, 2006.
Location of Gurudwara Sahib on Google Earth / Panoramio Map
  Address :-
Village Saheri, Morinda
District :- Ropar
State :- Punjab.
Phone Number :-