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GURUDWARA SHRI PATSHAHI DASVIN SAHIB is situated in the Village Kalmot, Teh Nangal Distt Ropar. GURUDWARA SAHIB is situated on the hill top in village Kamlot. SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI was staying in Bibhour. People from everywhere started coming to Bibhour place to see their almighty when they came to know about the presence of SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI. People on their visit were offering lots of gifts including Daswand in huge numbers. GURU SAHIB was giving his blessings to every sikh individual to stay focused and believe in Al mighty. During these days one of the sikh follower who was a great fighter said "GURU SAHIB, we have so much free time these days as there is no war happening. This is giving lot of boredom in our life and we dont feel like doing anything. Feels as if enemy has gone somewhere or is sleeping. this doesnt sound good." On this GURU SAHIB replied "Not to worry. Still a lot to do. you will find lot of enemies around who will not like your wardrobe. They will be feeling bad and will not like you guys becase you have left their religion and moved to a new one named as Khalsa. Some wil not like you because from "Beeru - Dharmu" you have become "Beer Singh - Dharam Singh". Mugals will not like you because you have rejected their "...DEEN...... DE WAADE". you will find many of these kinds of enemies around you all your life and will get success and prosperity along with it. Soon after this GURU SAHIB has just settled and one person from the Deewan asked GURU SAHIB "After the war of Anandpur sahib, we have collected a lot of precious things like clothes, weapons and cash. but while coming back people of Kalmot acted like daciots and looted every bit of it. We did our best to save it and told them that this is the property of GURU SAHIB but they completely ignored us." On this GURU SAHIB replied "we have received every bit of present that you guys collected in the war. now we will get them from whosoever have it" On this Bhai Alam Singh reacted and said "GURU SAHIB if you give us the permission, should we attack them and get the things back" GURU SAHIB replied "Not to do anything like this in hurry." That night every singh waited for the coming morning as they knew that it is going to be the day to attack to get the things back. Next day after dewaan, war was declared. GURU SAHIB along with the 100 singhs reached Kamlot. GURU SAHIB rested under the tree and rest of the singhs attacked the village. Singhs destroyed every house to its bits wherever they find the looted things in the village. After the attack Singhs prepared the dinner and planned to take rest for the night. During night some of the sikhs planned to attack the nearby fort where most of the villagers were hiding because of the fear of attack. But GURU SAHIB stopped and told to attack in the morning. Next day all the singhs attacked the fort and started uprooting the walls of Fort. Watching this people who were hiding themselves inside the fort were very clear that their death is for sure and everything will end soon. Therefore, they raised the white flag and started shouting from inside the fort, asking for the mercy from GURU SAHIB. Seeing all this GURU SAHIB called every individual hidden inside the fort and told them not to touch or steal anybodies property and not to disturb anyone while they are on their way while going through/nearby their village. While going to Bibhuor from Kamlot any of the singhs including Bhai Daya singh requested GURU SAHIB that "Before leaving Nirmoh and While leaving Lohgarh you told us that Anandpur sahib is our home now. So now we should move back to Anandpur sahib only." Therefore everybody rather going to Bibhuor, moved to Anandpur sahib. GURU SAHIB accepted the request and moved to Anandpur sahib. he arranged few people to collect the recovered stuff and sent the same to Anandpur sahib.

Pictures Taken on 19, Sep 2008.
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  Address :-
Village Kamlot, Near Nangal
District :- Ropar
State :- Punjab.
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