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GURDWARA SRI GAU GHAT SAHIB is situated in Patna City, Bihar. It is situated on Ashok Rajpath Near to Mahatma Gandhi Setu (Bridge) in alamganj area. SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI visited this place (village Bishambharpur) and had discussions with Bhai Jaitmal Ji. Who later became GURU SAHIB's disciple. Bhai Sahib asked GURU SAHIB to set him free from life. But GURU SAHIB blessed Bhai Jaitmal Ji to live more and he will come on later time and set him free. Guru Sahib also asked that you still have time to enjoy the materialist world. Bathing in Ganga Ji will give relief from pains and GURU SAHIB will ask Ganga Ji to daily come at their doorstep and give them isnan (Bath). But Bhai Jaitmal Ji said that if Ganga would come here then it will trouble for villagers and why should be the villagers in trouble because of him. Then GURU SAHIB blessed that Ganga Ji would come here in the form of Gau (Cow) and would give him bath.
Bhai Jaitmal Ji used to keep his doors closed and concentrate on worship. As neighboring children would always disturb him. When SRI GURU TEGBAHADUR SAHIB JI reached here with his family, Local Sangat asked Bhai Jaitmal Ji to open the door as GURU SAHIB had come. Bhai Jaitmal ji said if GURU SAHIB had come then he need not to ask for permission he can come direct inside. Hearing this GURU SAHIB riding on horse entered the room with his family through a small window. GURU SAHIB gave him darshan in the form of SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI. After having glimpse of GURU SAHIB Bhai Jaitmal left for heavenly aboard. GURU SAHIB performed His last rights and got a dharamshal built on the place of his house. When construction was going on labors brought two wooden pillars. But when they measured them, they were short. GURU SAHIB asked them to measure again but they were short again. GURU SAHIB asked labors to leave them. But in next morning when GURU SAHIB asked the labors to measure them again, they were of full length. But GURU SAHIB asked labors not to use these pillars. And keep them sacredly.

Sacred Belongings preserved at Gurudwara Sahib

  • A Qilla Sahib with which SRI GURU TEGBAHADUR SAHIB JI tied his horse, now a grown up tree.
  • A Place where Ganga used to give Bath to Bhai Jaitmal Ji in roop of Cow.
  • A Windown through which GURU SAHIB entred with his family into Bhai Jaitmal Ji's room.
  • Wooden Pillars.
  • A Chakki Sahib.
  • Chaukhat(Wooden Frame or Casing) of Gurudwara Sahib Door.

  • Pictures Taken on 16-Nov, 2010.
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    Alamganj village Bhishambarpur
    Patna City
    District :- Patna
    State :- Bihar.
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