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GURDWARA SRI DATA BANDI CHOD SAHIB, is situated in the Distt City Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh (Central India) It is situated on the hill top in the Fort Gwalior. After the news of Martyrdom of SRI GURU ARJAN DEV JI at Lahore, Baba Budha ji announce SRI HARGOBIND SAHIB JI as sixth GURU. SRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI started raising the army of Sant Soldiers to fight against the cruelty. GURU SAHIB also raised the Lohgarh Fort at Amritsar (Now Known as GURDWARA SRI LOHGARH SAHIB). GURU SAHIB also used to provide Quick and cheap justice to people at Akal Takhat Sahib. This led a seriuos concern to Jahangir, who later summoned GURU SAHIB to Delhi. On arrival of at Delhi GURU SAHIB camped at Place GURDWARA SRI MAJNU KA TILLA SAHIB. GURU SAHIB met Jahangir several times and were having good understanding with each other. Both of them came to Agra for hunting. GURU SAHIB saved Jahangir and killed Tiger (GURDWARA SRI SHER SHIKAR SAHIB, DHOLPUR Rajasthan is situated at that Place). Jahangir fell sick and called Kazi's and Hakims to consult about his health. But Chandu bribed them and asked them to suggest Jahangir that his health will be improved if some holy person prayed for him at Gwalior Fort. And also to suggest GURU SAHIB's name as Holy person. They did the same thing and suggested Jahangir GURU SAHIB's name. Jahangir asked GURU SAHIB to stay at Gwalior Fort and pray for him. GURU SAHIB agreed to stay there and moved to Gwalior Fort. GURU SAHIB used to worship at the place Thada Sahib Situated at this place for 2 years and 3 months. GURU SAHIB while staying here also met 52 Rajput Rulers arrested by Jahangir. They all were tied to diifrent Pillars with chains and were leading measerable life. After daily prayer GURU SAHIB used to meet the rulers and consoled them that when ever he (GURU SAHIB) will go from the fort he will take all the rulers along with him.

On the other side Jahangir was again sick and his health was declining day by day. By a chance Sain Mian Mir ji was in Agra those days. Jahangirs wife met Sain ji and asked about Jahangirs health. Sain ji told her that they had taken a holy man to there custody if they will not release them then there whole empire will be distroyed. When Jahangir came to know about this thing he sent orders to release GURU SAHIB. But GURU SAHIB on other hand put a condition that he (GURU SAHIB) will only go from there if all the rulers will be released. Again Jahangir was in confusion to weather realease them or not. So he sent a message that who so ever will hold GURU SAHIB's Palla can leave the fort. (The Rajputs never Hold any ones Palla). Also Jahangir was sure that it will be not possible to hold GURU SAHIB's palla for all the rulers, so all will not be released. Next morning it was miracal that 52 rulers were holding GURU SAHIB's Chola's and all were released. From that day onwards GURU SAHIB was also known as Data Bandi Chod Sahib.

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  • SRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI(6, Chevin Patshahi)

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    Fort Gwalior
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