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Gurdwara Sri Dukh Bhanjani Sahib is located in the city of Amritsar in the precincts of Gurdwara Sri Harmandir Sahib. Patti's arrogant Chaudhary Duni Chand asked his daughters "who takes care of them" ?. Everyone else said according to the wishes of Duni Chand, But Bibi Rajni who became a devotee of Guru Ghar, while living in her grandfather's house in Lahore as a child. She understood Gurmat and made it clear that only God take cares of everyone. And we all eat God's gift. On hearing this, the arrogant father got angry and got Bibi Rajni married to a pale man. Bibi Rajni, believing Bhana, took her pale husband in a basket carrying him on her head, She reached this place. Putting the basket under the shade of Bheri here, she went to Tung village to get Prasada etc., then her husband saw a wonderful sight that black crows used to come out in the sarovar like Toby Lake swan. Seeing all this, he took a dip in the sarovar with the support of the beri root By the grace of Guru, her body was healed. When Bibi came back and saw a beautiful young man instead of her pale husband, she suspected that perhaps this young man had killed my husband. When the matter came to the notice of SHRI GURU RAM DAS JI who was serving Santokhar, he dispelled the suspicion and said, Bibi as per your devotion and determination and due to the power of this place your Pingala husband got cured. Guru Sahib himself named this place Dukh Bhanjani Sahib.

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Gurudwara Shri DukhBhanjani Beri Sahib, Amritsar

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    Parikarma Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar
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