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GURDWARA SRI FATEHGARH SAHIB is situated in the Distt Town FatehGarh Sahib. This place marks the site of the execution of the two younger sons of SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI at the behest of Wazir Khan of Kunjpura, the faujdar of Sirhind. As GURU GOBIND SINGH JI evacuated Anandpur on the night of 5-6 December 1705, he was closely pursued by the host. In front ran the Sarsa swollen with rain water. Under cover of a quick rearguard action fought on the banks of the stream, he succeeded in crossing it, but the members of his family got scattered in the tumult. GURU GOBIND SINGH JI`S old mother, Mata Gujari Ji, and her two son, Zorawar Singh ji and Fateh Singh ji, aged 9 and 7 years respectively, had nowhere to go until their cook, named Gangu, offered to take them to his own village Kheri. They accompanied him to his house. But he proved deceitful and betrayed them to Jam Khan and Man Khan of Morinda. They latter at once dispatched them to Sirhind where they were consigned to the Cold Tower (Thanda Burj GURDWARA SRI THANDA BURZ SAHIB exist there) of the Fort. On 9 December 1705, Zorawar Singh ji and Fateh Singh ji were produced before Wazir Khan. who had just returned from the battle of Chamkaur. Wazir Khan tried to lure them to embrace Islam with promises of riches and honours, but they spurned the offer. He threatened them with death as an alternative to Islam, but they remained firm. A death sentence was eventually awarded. Nawab Sher Muhammad Khan of Malerkotla protested that it would be improper to harm the innocent children. Wazir Khan, however, ordered them to be bricked up alive in a wall, if they still refused conversion. They were kept in the Cold Tower in that severe winter for another two days. On 11 December, they, under the orders of Wazir Khan they were bricked alive in the wall. That place is in Basement. Next Day there bodies were taken out from there and were thrown on the back side of GURDWARA SAHIB. GURDWARA SRI BIBANGARH SAHIB exists there.

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    State :- Punjab.
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