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GURUDWARA SHRI GHERA SAHIB is situated in Village Sahnewal Distt ludhiana. SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI came here while traveling from Machiwara to Alamgir Via Ghulal, Rampur Kanech etc. GURU SAHIB was sitting on Manji and Bhai Gani Khan and Nabi Khan were carryng it. GURU SAHIB rested at place of GURDWARA SRI DAMDAMA SAHIB with Kareer Tree. Through a person passing by GURU SAHIB sent message to village panchayat. But that person told GURU SAHIB that theres no panchayat in this village. GURU SAHIB said there will be no panchayat in future also. Saying this GURU SAHIB left for further journey. When village People came to know about this, they came following GURU SAHIB and stopped him at this place. They felt sorry and served GURU SAHIB. GURU SAHIB blessed that Old and wise people will do the justice in this village. Till now there is no panchayat in this village. Only old and wise people do the justice.

Pictures Taken on 18-Sep, 2011.
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    Village Sahnewal
    District :- Ludhiana
    State :- Punjab.
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