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GURDWARA SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI is situated in Village Kamalpura Distt Ludhiana. SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI came here from Machiwara-Ghulal-Hayer. at this place was crossings. One way was going towards Raikot-Jagran, One to Hayer, One to Lame Jattpura, GURU SAHIB liked this place and rested here near a pond. Here only GURU SAHIB blessed Mai Bhatti that her son's will have three marraiges. Daughter of Rai Kalla of raikot was married to to Alam Khan of Kotla Nihang Khan (Gurudwara Shri Bhatta Sahib, Ropar) These both families were followers of GURU SAHIB. Alam khan sent the news to Rai Kalla of GURU SAHIB's arrival in this area. Rai Kalla came here with amy of 300 Horse riders. When he saw GURU SAHIB sitting on bed. He took of from the horse and came bare footed. He bowed his head in front of GURU SAHIB. After resting for some time here, Rai Kalla requested GURU SAHIB to come along with him to nearby place of Village Lameh Jattpura. After reaching Lameh Jattpura GURU SAHIB asked Rai Kalla to send some body to fetch the news of Mata Gujari Ji and Chotte Sahibzade Ji.

Pictures Taken on 18-Sep, 2011.
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    Village Kamalpura
    District :- Ludhiana
    State :- Punjab.
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