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GURDWARA SRI GURUSAR SAHIB is situated in village Sudhar Distt Ludhiana. SRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI came here from Daroli Bhai Ki Via Madoke, Lopo and Sidhva. GURU SAHIB stopped here near Dhab (Water Reservoir). News of GURU SAHIB's arrival was spread in whole village. People started coming to have glimpse of GURU SAHIB. Bhai Javanda who was also known as Bhai Prema Ji along with Village Sangat came for GURU SAHIB's darshan. There used to be Kirtan and religious discussion in day time and games competition in the evening. Once GURU SAHIB left for hunting Bhai Prema ji started walking along with GURU SAHIB holding Rein of GURU SAHIB's Horse. Bhai Prema ji walking barefoot kept the horse walking on plain route and he himself walked on grass and thorns. While walking for some time his foot got injured and there was lot of blood. GURU SAHIB gave him his shoes to wear But Bhai Sahib instead of putting it on placed it reverentially on his head. And with this Bhai Prema Ji started walking again. When GURU SAHIB saw this, he asked Bhai Sahib that he had given him sleepers to wear. The Bhai Prema Ji replied, On which feet whole world bows there head, Shoes worn by those feet are worth worship. GURU SAHIB blessed Bhai Sahib with love. That jora Sahib is still preserved here for Sangat in Bhai Prema's House in Village Sudhar.

Bhai Bhakhat Mal, Bhai Tara Chand Ji and Bhai Dyal Chand Ji from Kabul along with Sangat reached here to pay visit to GURU SAHIB. Karori Mal trader had brought two Horses of superior breed as offering for GURU SAHIB. On their way, at Lahore these horses were snatched away by the Mughal forces and handed over to the Nawaab of Lahore and these were kept in a stable in the fort of Lahore. Bhai Karori mal was forced to sign the recievings for Cheque (hundi) of Rs two Lakh and Rs five thousand cash. Bhai Karori Mal ji placed Hundis in front of GURU SAHIB and told the whole story behind this. GURU SAHIB consoled them and said your offerings are accepted. Now he himself will get his offerings back from Mughals. Local people served the Sangat from Kabul with great devotion.

Few days later, When Diwan was going on GURU SAHIB asked Sangat, If someone can bring back the Horses from Lahore. Bhai Raja Partap ji said that only Bhai Bidhi Chand ji can do this. And Bhai Bidhi Chand Ji was assigned this Task. After taking blessings from GURU SAHIB Bhai Bidhi Chand ji lahore.

Pictures Taken on 18-Sep, 2011.
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