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GURDWARA SRI KIRPAN BHET SAHIB is situated in the Machiwara town of Ludhiana Distt. After Martyrdom of his two Sahibjadas and few sikhs SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI left the fort of SRI CHAMKAUR SAHIB and reached here in jungles of Machiwara. Bhai Daya Singh Bhai Dharam Singh and Bhai Man Singh also reached here according to GURU SAHIB's instruction given at Chamkaur Sahib. In the morning they took bath and started reciting Path. By the time care taker of the fields Mahi came here and saw GURU SAHIB and Sikhs, He informed to Gulabe and Punjabe the owners of these fields. They requested GURU SAHIB and took him to their house. Their they served GURU SAHIB with great devotion. Horse trader brothers Bhai Gani Khan and Nabi Khan were also from this village. They requested GURU SAHIB to visit their home, But further also requested that as there were lot of Mughal informers in the area, so they requested that if GURU SAHIB can come in a blue dress as UCH SHAREEF DA PEER, then it would be easy for them to serve. (Because even today, all the Sufi monks of Uch Shareef, Distt Bahawalpur (Pakistan) don't cut their hairs and wear blue clothes.) A dyer was called upon and GURU SAHIB ordered him to color the clothes. GURDWARA SRI CHAUBARA SAHIB exists on that place By the time the news that GURU SAHIB was in Machiwara spreaded. Mughal soldiers surrounded Machiwara in large numbers. Dilawar Khan was leading one unit of Soldiers. While starting for Punjab he prayed in front of Uch Shareef Da peer that his soldiers may not have to face SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI, He will offer Peer ji 500 Gold coins.

Further it was discussed that GURU SAHIB can escape the from Machiwara as Uch Da Peer. After staying for two days at Gani Khan and Nabi Khans House GURU SAHIB left for further. GURU SAHIB was sitting on bed and Bhai Gani Khan Nabi Khan were carrying from front and Bhai Daya Singh Ji and Bhai Dharam Singh from Behind. When they reached on outskirts of Machiwara (at this place) Mughal soldiers stopped them and asked who He is. Bhai Gani Khan Nabi Khan told that he is our “Uch Shareef Da peer” and going to sacred places. Dilawar Khan said he cannot let your peer sahib to move ahead without getting him identified. In the meanwhile, you may have breakfast with us. Bhai Gani Khan Nabi Khan said peer ji is on fast, but we followers can have food with you. Bhai Daya Singh Ji Bhai Dharam Singh Ji requested GURU SAHIB that what should they do, GURU SAHIB gave them a small dagger (Kirpan) and told them to swipe this in the food before having it and not to worry about anything. When food was served Bhai Daya Singh Ji and Bhai Dharam Singh ji did the same. A soldier of Dilawar Khan asked what they were doing, Bhai Gani Khan Nabi Khan told that they have just received message from Makka to offer food to Dagger (kirpan) first. In the meanwhile, Peer Muhamad Kazi from Nurpur also reached there on instruction of Dilawar Khan. When he saw GURU SAHIB he told Dilawar Khan that you should be thankful that Peer ji had not cursed your stopping him. Dilawar Khan allowed GURU SAHIB to leave. GURU SAHIB reminded Dilawar khan of his wish to not to face SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI army for which he had promised 500 coins. Listening this Dilawar Khan fully satisfied and offered 500 coins and shawl to GURU SAHIB and asked to forgive him. GURU SAHIB gave those coins to Bhai Gani Khan and Nabi Khan. From then onward offering food and Prashad to Kirpan started which is still going on.

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