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GURDWARA SRI NABHA SAHIB is situated on the zirakpur patiala main road in SAS Nagar Distt. When GURU TEG BAHADUR JI was beheaded in chandani chowk, no one dared to pick GURU SAHIBS SACRED HEAD and his body. But with wish of akal purakh, swear storm swept through the city. Under the cover of dark blanket Bhai Jaita ji managed to escape with GURU SAHIB'S SACRED HEAD and Bhai Lakhi Shah cremated GURU SAHIBS Body by setting his house on fire, as public funeral would have been dangerous. When Bhai jaita ji reached here. There was deep forest here in those days. Finding a place to take rest Bhai sahib saw a kutia which belonged to muslim Dargahi Shah Fakir. He asked Bhai Sahib his reason for coming to this place. Bhai sahib told Fakir about the whole story which had happened in Delhi and he was going to SRI ANANDPUR SAHIB.

          Fakir asked Bhai Sahib to have rest and he placed GURU SAHIBS SACRED HEAD on a stage. Whole night fakir sate in front of it. Bhai Sahib got refreshed and rested for night. In morning Bhai Sahib got ready and started his journey to SRI ANANDPUR SAHIB. Before leaving Fakir asked Bhai Sahib that he had wish to see GURU GOBIND SINGH JI, But he being to old of age 240 yrs cannot walk, so if GURU SAHIB can fulfill his sewaks wish. On reaching SRI ANANDPUR SAHIB, GURU GOBIND SINGH JI blessed Bhai Jaita ji "Rangreta Guru Ka Beta". Bhai Sahib also conveyed the Fakir's Message to GURU SAHIB and also told the favour done by him. GURU SAHIB asked Bhai Sahib to remind him when ever they cross near to that place.

          Later When GURU GOBIND SINGH JI was coming Back after winning the Battle of Bhangani they stoped at Place where GURUDWARA SHRI BAOLI SAHIB is situated in Village Dhakoli, Zirakpur. Bhai Jaita ji reminded GURU SAHIB about the fakir. GURU SAHIB came to this place bare foot and met the fakir and asked his wish. Fakir asked GURU SAHIB to set him free. GURU SAHIB asked fakir to worship God for another 40 days and then he will be sachkhand wasi. GURU SAHIB also visited the place where GURU TEGH BAHADUR JI's SACRED HEAD was placed and bowed his head there. Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur Wrote a warning letter to Suba-e-Sarhind from here.

Pictures Taken on 23-Sep, 2007.
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    Zirakpur Banur Road
    District :- S A S Nagar
    State :- Punjab.
    Phone Number :-0091-1762-288431