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GURDWARA YADGAR BIBI MUMTAJ JI SAHIB is situated in Village near Purkhali, Distt Ropar. Bibi Mumtaj Ji was daughter of Nihang Khan's of Ropar. When SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI evacuated Anandpur Sahib, Mughal army was continuously following him. In battle with enmy's army Bhai Bachittar Singh got wounded. GURU SAHIB dropped Bhai Sahib at Kotla Nihang Khans Haveli and left further. Bibi Mumtaz was taking care of wounded Bhai Bachittar Singh ji in small room. When Mughal army came to know that there was some Sikhs at the haveli. They came and enquired about this. Kotla Nihang Khan told mughal army that his daughter and Son inlaw are in that room, Hearing this mughals didnt entred the room and left that place. When Bibi Mumtaz heard about this, She decided to accept Bhai Bachittar Singh as her husband from that moment onwards. After Bhai Bachittar Singh left for heavenly abode, Bibi Mumtaz chose to remain unmarried and lived here like a widow of Bhai Bachittar Singh. Bibi ji spent last years of her life here. Bibi Mumtaj Ji's grave is also located nearby to this place.

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    Village Prkhali
    District :- Ropar
    State :- Punjab.
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