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GURDWARA SRI BHATH SAHIB is situated in Patti Distt Taran Taaran. Sangat from Lahore side was bringing Dushale (Shawls) for SRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI. But the Mughals had taken those forcefully. When Sangat reached Bhai Ki Daroli, they told GURU SAHIB whole story. GURU SAHIB said that now those Dushales belonged to him and he will himself get them back. GURU SAHIB appointed Bhai Bidi Chand Ji to bring back the dushales. Bhai Bidi Chand Ji reached Patti city. Patti in those days main trading center. Dressed as women Bhai Sahib reached Hakims residence and showed them few dushales he was carrying along with him. Hakims asked there ladies to show him the dushales which they had stolen from sangat to get them evaluated. When they showed the dushales Bhai Bidi Chand Ji took Dushales from them and ran away. In the mean time Hakim got all the doors closed of Patti City. And started searching each and every house. Bhai Sahib reached a Bhathi and asked him for some place to hide. That person showed Bhai Sahib the Bhathi where fire was going on. Bhai Sahib sat there in Bhathi. On other side GURU SAHIB started asked to pour water on him as his Singh was sitting on fire. With blessing of GURU SAHIB there was no harm to Bhai Bidi Chand Ji.

Pictures Taken on 15-Aug, 2011.
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