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GURDWARA SRI DAMDAMA SAHIB is situated in the outer of Goindwal Sahib towards SRI KHADOOR SAHIB. Bibi Amro and (GURU) AMAR DAS JI came to pay homage to SRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI. GURU SAHIB asked them their reason of coming. Bibi ji asked that (GURU) AMARDAS JI has come to asking to let him serve GURU SAHIB. GURU SAHIB gave him the service of bringing water for Langar and other requirements. (GURU) AMAR DAS JI used to fetch water early in the morning from Beas River, GOINDWAL SAHIB for SRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI's bathing and other uses. On the way from KHADOOR SAHIB to GOINDWAL SAHIB (GURU) AMAR DAS JI used to stop here under a tree for some time. That Tree is still present here.

Pictures Taken on 25, Dec 2006.
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    Goindwal Sahib
    District :- Taran Taaran
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