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GURDWARA SRI JANAM ASTHAAN BABA DEEP SINGH JI SAHIB is situated in the village Pahuvind Teh Patti Distt Taran Taaran. BABA DEEP SINGH JI was born on 26th January 1682 to Father Bhai Bagtu ji and Mata Jeoni ji. At the age of eighteen, he received Amrit from the Panj Pyare at Anandpur Sahib on Vaisakhi day and took an oath to serve as one of Waheguru’s warriors (Akal Purakh dee fauj). With his new name, Deep Singh also learned that Sikhs are to always help the weak and needy, and to fight for truth and justice. After receiving the vows of the Khalsa, he stayed on in Anandpur to continue his studies of the sacred texts under Bhai Mani Singh. He soon became one of the Guru's most beloved Sikhs staying in Anandpur for a total of about eight years. BABA DEEP SINGH JI was the leader of the famous " Shaheedan Di Missel " among the 12 missels. Apart from getting the GURU GRANTH SAHIB'S saroop written, he also actively participated in all the major battles that took place in the 18th century. In the year 1757 when BABA DEEP SINGH JI got the news that Taimurshah & Jahan Khan have shown disrespect for SRI DARBAR SAHIB and also started filling the holy sarovar, even though BABA JI was in old age he carried a 18 ser heavy Khanda in his hand to free SRI DARBAR SAHIB. He took pledge to teach a lesson to the cruel and started his journey for SRI AMRITSAR SAHIB. On hearing this, Jahan Khan had made thousands of his soldiers ready on the outskirts of the town near Gohalvadh village. There was a fierce battle. BABA JI was still far from the town when during his battle with Jahan Khan, he was beheaded. A Singh standing close to BABA JI when reminded him of his pledge, such a miracle happened which has never happened in the world before. BABA JI held his head in his left hand and with his right hand he swayed the Khanda with such a force that the enemies started running. Like this, fighting the fierce battle, BABA JI reached SRI AMRITSAR & offered his head at SRI HARMANDAR SAHIB. In Parkarma, at Shaheed Bunge, this GURDWARA reminds one of BABA JI & acts as a source of inspiration to keep alive the holiness of such places.

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