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GURDWARA SRI CHARAN KAMAL SAHIB is situated in Village Naraina, Teh Dudu, Distt Jaipur, Rajasthan.

SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI came here while travelling from Talwandi Sabo to Nanded Sahib via Sirsa, Nohar, Sahwa etc. At the request of Mahant Jait Ram Ji of Dadu Samparda, he came here with the Sangat and stayed for 13 days. GURU SAHIB bowed his bow to Dadu's mausoleum. Along with GURU SAHIB, the Sikhs inquired about the fact that according to Gurmat it was not allowed to bow down in front of any Samadh and punished GURU SAHIB for this mistake. GURU SAHIB gladly accepted the Hukam of the Khalsa and by praised that the Khalsa has fulfilled its duty according to Gurmat and has succeeded in this test. Apart from this, GURU SAHIB created a miracle that his falcon, keeping in mind the sentiments of Mahant Jait Ram ji accepted Pearl millet ( bajra ) food. Where as normally Falcon is flesh eater bird.

This episode of history took place at Mahant Jait Ram Ji's camp, which is a short distance from this place. When the Sikhs tried to build a Gurdwara Sahib here in Naraina, the Government allotted this place to the Sikhs.

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    Village :- Naraina
    Teh :- Dudu
    District :- Jaipur
    State :- Rajasthan.

    Phone Number :-01425- 233133,