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GURDWARA SRI BHAGAT DHANA JI SAHIB is located in village Dhuan Kalan, District Tonk, Rajasthan Bhagat Dhanna Ji is one of those Bhagats whose Bani is included in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Bhagat Dhanna ji was born in village Dhuan Kalan to mother Ganga Bai and father Ramesh Das. Bhagat Dhanna ji's main occupation was farming. Bhagat ji had a very naive nature and divine love from his childhood. Being religiously inclined, he used to listen to the life stories of pious men from the elders of the village. He had heard a lot about the lives of Bhagat Kabir ji, Bhagat Ravidas ji, Bhagat Sain ji, Bhagat Namdev etc. Due to which the desire to worship also arose in his mind. Due to this desire and divine attraction, he became a disciple of Swami Rama Nand, a resident of Kashi and started worshiping Sargun Saroop in the early stages. A Brahmin named Trilochan lived in Bhagat Dhanna ji's village He was also a worshiper of Sargun. According to his daily deeds, he used to worship Thakur (a stone) every day. Bhagat Dhanna ji used to visit him often while going to his fields. One day Bhagat ji asked Pandit Trilochan for a Thakur. At first the Pandit tried to evade, but at Bhagat Ki's repeated urgings, the Pandit took other stone in his house, wrapped it in a simple robe, grabbed him and explained the whole ritual. Bhagat ji was very happy to get Thakur (stone) and brought it to his well. According to the method prescribed by the Pandit, Bhagat ji bathed Thakur and engaged in the ritual service. Began to sing the praises of Thakur ji with full devotion and true devotion. Meanwhile, bread and lassi reached Bhagat ji from his house. Bhagat ji started offering food to Thakur ji before eating, according to the maryada prescribed by the Pandit and started requesting for bhog. This was a traditional practice of the Pandit But Bhagat ji believed this to be true and waited for the Lord to give him food

This went on for many days Due to not eating Thakur ji's food, Bhagat Dhanna ji kept begging like children every day. Seeing Bhagat ji's true devotion and faith, God appeared there and made Bhagat Dhanna ji happy by seeing him and tasted the food. There was no limit to Bhagat ji's happiness due to the vision of the Lord. Bhagat ji became self-aware and possessed the supreme position According to the story, out of love, the Lord dug the well of Bhagat Dhanna ji himself, grazed cows and buffaloes and also plowed. Like Bhagat ji has subdued the Lord due to his love and devotion. Hearing the news of this incident, Pandit Trilochan also started begging Bhagat ji to attain Prabhu Darshan. Bhagat ji requested the Lord to give Darshan to the Pandit but the Lord did not give Darshan because the devotion of Pandit Trilochan was not true and was traditional. Seeing that the vision of the Lord was not achieved, Pandit Ji's heart was also purified, The mountain of ego had vanished from the mind and had become a complete refuge of the Lord. The people of this area consider the land around the shrine to be very sacred and refrain from defecating in this land.

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