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GURDWARA SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI SAHIB is located in Pokhran City, District Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. While teaching the mankind SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI reached Gorakhmatta (Now known as Nanakmatta) and has discussions with Sidh's. After preaching to the Sidhs, Guru Sahib flew to Pokhran Bhai Mardana Ji said, "Guru Sahib, I am hungry." Guru Sahib pointed to Aak plant and asked to eat as much as you can." Bhai Mardana Ji said Guru Sahib, this is Aak Plant, why are you joking with me? Then Guru Sahib said, we are not joking. You can eat as much as you want by saying Sat Kartar, but don't be greedy. and dont pack for yourself. Bhai Mardana ji started to eat, gradually he was getting taste of nector. Bhai Mardana ji ate khakris a lot and at the same time became greedy and packed for further also. The next day, when he got hungry again, he quietly took some and started eating khakris again. Shortly after the meal, he started feeling unrest. Guru Sahib laughed when he saw this. Bhai Mardana Ji said Guru Sahib I am dying and you are laughing. Then Guru Sahib said that Mardana i had told you not to pack, and if you had to eat, you would have taken permission before eating. Then Guru Sahib plucked with his own hand and fed it to a mardana ji. After eating them, Bhai Mardana Ji recovered and Guru Sahib walked towards his next destination
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    Pokhran City
    District :- Jaisalmer
    State :- Rajasthan. 345021

    Phone Number :- +919549222501