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GURDWARA SRI SUKHA SINGH MEHTAB SINGH is situated in Distt town, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan. After leaving Talwandi Sabo, Zakariya Khan Bahadur of Lahore district had started targeting the Sikhs, forcing the Khalsa to flee from the Punjab to either the hills or the desert. Massa Rangar was tasked with preventing Sikh pilgrims from approaching Amritsar. Massa Rangar took possession of Sri Darbar Sahib, started drinking meat and alcohol, and made prostitute dance in the Darbar Sahib, On the other hand, Baba Budha Singh Ji, the chief of the Budha Dal Misl, was staying at this place, at village Dhab Wala. As the name implies, this place was a reservoir of water in the center of the desert and a mound of about 2000 Acres. Bhai Bakala Ji from Amritsar reached here and told all the news about Sri Darbar Sahib to Baba Baba Budha Singh Ji. Baba Budha Singh challenged his Sikhs to go to Amritsar and take revenge. Accepting this challenge, Bhai Sukha Singh Ji and Bhai Mehtab Singh Ji started their journey towards Amritsar. When they reached Amritsar, got themself dressed like muslims and arrived at the Golden Temple and said that he had come there to pay the revenue. Massa Rangar was drinking alcohol in Sri Darbar Sahib and watching the prostitute dance. They beheaded Massa Rangar, hanging his head on a spear they fled Sri Darbar Sahib. Taking his head, they left for Rajasthan, On the way they stopped here in Hanumangarh for the night. Here they rested under tree, which is still preserved here. In the morning they played khudo khundi (hockey) with Massa Rangar's head. The next morning they reached Dabla and hung his head on a juniper tree.

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    Hanumangarh City
    District :- Hanumangarh
    State :- Rajasthan.
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