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GURDWARA SRI THADA SAHIB is situated in Distt City Bageshwar. SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI came here and stayed for some time. This place was ruled by hindu King. He used to kill people on the name of "bali" to please GOD for a Son. When SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI was there, Sangat prayed in front of GURU SAHIB that King used to kill one person daily to please GOD. While GURU SAHIB was sitting there, Army men came to capture one person. All people ran away and Army men arrested GURU SAHIB and Bhai Mardana ji. When they were taken in front of King. GURU SAHIB asked him why he was killing people. Impressed with GURU SAHIB's personality he explained GURU SAHIB whole story. GURU SAHIB told him that if he was killing GOD's son then how can he expect to have Son. GURU SAHIB told him to pray for 40 days at this place (THADA SAHIB) and he will be blessed with Son. King prayed here for 40 days, And after some time he was blessed with a Son. King and his family used to take care of this place. King also allotted 20 acres of Land on the name of GURDWARA SAHIB.

Pictures Taken on 1-August, 2012.
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    District :- Bageshwar
    State :- Uttrakhand.
    Phone Number :- M-09456394242 (Baba Sham Singh Ji Gurudwara Shri Reetha Sahib)