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GURDWARA SRI DUKHNIWARAN SAHIB, AGRA is situated in the Old Agra. Its situated in the Nayabaans, Lohamandi Agra. SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI came here and sat under piloo Tree (Place where Nishan Sahib is situated in Gurudwara Sahib). There was Baag (Garden) here at that time. GURU SAHIB stayed here for 3 days. GURU SAHIB also cured a Son of Old lady, Who came to GURU SAHIB for help. GURU SAHIB preached the benefits of Naam Simran(to meditate on God's Name) to the congregation under a Peelu tree(Hindi)( or vann tree(Punjabi) or Salvador oleo ides(Botanical Name)). A fair is organized on every Holi, in the memory of Peelu Vale Baba, i.e GURU NANAK DEV JI MAHARAJ.
Note :- Nither Truck, Bus or Car is able to reach this old Area. Either you have to have full knowledge of that area other wise hiring an Auto is advisable. People can get more information about this place from GURDWARA SRI GURU KA TAAL SAHIB, AGRA or GURDWARA SRI DAMDAMA SAHIB, AGRA.

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  • SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI SAHIB JI(1, Pehli Patshahi)

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    Near Loha Mandi, Agra
    District :- Agra
    State :- UttarPradesh.
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    Accomodation Available :- No