, A Journey through Sikh History

GURDWARA SRI GURU BAAG SAHIB is situated in Distt City Banaras in Uttar pradesh. Its is situated on SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI road in old city of Banaras. Banaras, also called Shivpuri, Kashi, Varanasi is the one of the holiest and one of major center of Hinduism. Kabir was dweller of this place and he had discussion on Gurmat with various religious scholars which makes all scholar scare of Gurmat. This is called Fort of Manmat as the scholars here were/are so corrupt that for sake of worldly things they misguide people from real path. These scholars were Idol worshipers, Donation Lovers, Casteist, Worshiper of Human God and many other Manmati thoughts were preached from this place. not only Bhagat Kabir ji but Ravidas Bhagat ji and Other also spoke against these scholars of Kashi. SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI was also send by god their to preach Gurmat and During his first Udasi he reached Kashi and sat on outskirts and started singing holy Hymns. People gathered around and enjoyed the teachings given by him.

              SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI came here from Sultanpur Lodhi via Kurukshetra, Haridwar, Delhi, Aligarh, Kanpur, Lucknow. GURU SAHIB reached here on the eve of Shivratari and stopped in a Baag(Garden). Bhai Mardana Ji asked GURU SAHIB whos Baag is This. GURU SAHIB answred that this is GOD's won baag and to whom so ever he has given now we will come to you. Bhai Mardana ji started playing rabab. The whole atmosphere was under the influence of Baani. A Religious Scholar, Pundit Gopal Das who was an Idol Worshiper, worship Shivalingam and wear Beads of Tulsi. Moreover he observed many ritualistic practices. He listened to Sacred Hymns of GURU SAHIB. When he listened to GURU SAHIB, he came to him and had Religious Discourse with him. He questioned on his way of religious life which was logically disapproved by GURU SAHIB, as he was attached to temporal aspect rather then to spiritual. GURU SAHIB adviced him to understand various aspects of soul and controls evils and vices which have degraded his soul. To purify heart and Mind and understand the God inside him, as he could be attained through inside rather then stick to temporal things like Salisgram, Bathing, Wearing Beads etc. The whole religious discourse made Gopal Das sikh of the philosophy preached by GURU SAHIB and he left whole ritualistic practices. He bring GURU SAHIB to his house, where GURU SAHIB stayed for few months. There GURU SAHIB had discussion with scholars of various faith on various aspects of spirituality and rejected their way of temporal life.

              There was a Egoistic Scholar called Pundit Chatur Dass, who had knowledge of Shastars. He considered himself knowledgeable in field of religion. When he heard about GURU SAHIB's philosophy is brilliant and no one could stand before it. He became angry and thought of having discussion with GURU SAHIB and beat him. With this mind he arrived to dwelling place of GURU SAHIB. He also brought with him some of his friends. When Pandit Chatur Dass saw GURU SAHIB the bad ideas in his mind were almost washed away. He forget himself. His inner soul was blessed. But still he asked GURU SAHIB that he has few question which he wanted to be answered by you. With your permission should i ask. GURU SAHIB asked that if you have any questions then theres a dog in this garden. Some times back he was A Knowledge able Pandit. But because of some reasons he became Dog. You please bring that dog, he will answer your all questions. I dont want to indulge in controversies. Pandit Chatur das confused to hear this and was thinking that if GURU SAHIB was joking with him. He asked GURU SAHIB how can this be possible. A Dog can answer the questions. GURU SAHIB asked you first bring it to him. When Pandit searched in garden a dog. He brought it to GURU SAHIB. When GURU SAHIB looked at dog, Dog was transformed into a fully dressed Pandit. Every one was surprised to see this. And asked GURU SAHIB the story behind this. GURU SAHIB smiled and asked people to ask Pandit(Dog) itself.

              That dog explained that some time ago he was also Banaras based a educated pandit. He never allowed any Sadhu, Mahatama, or Jogis to settle here. A Great soul came here and i had discussion with him, I didnt stoped asking questions to him. Got irritated from me he said why i was shouting like a dog. I understood that i had got Sraap. But now nothing could be done. Then that person told me that i will have to lead a dogs life for sure. On my request in Kalyug SHRI GURU NANAK DEV JI will come here and with there darshan i will be released from this Life cycle. You people can ask any thing you want to know and i will reply all your questions with the help of GURU SAHIB. When all pandits heard history behind this from Pandit ganga Ram, they fell on GURU SAHIBs feet. GURU SAHIB tough them not fool people and show the the right way to achieve GOD. GURU SAHIB also tought Pandit Chatur Das the right way. GURU SAHIB also released Pandit Ganga Ram from the life of Dog also from cycle of life death.

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